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APRIL 22-23, 2016



A new wave of information technology has been the key for numerous success stories in the world today. The evolutions of digital interaction through Internet and multiple platforms of social media have witnessed the foremost rapid achievement in terms of connectivity. Events that occur in far distance can be wired to people living in elsewhere in the world within minutes or seconds away. We are more connected then we were 20 or 30 years ago. Thanks to digital communication, we can also buy books or other goods as desired and get them delivered to our house in two days or even less. It supports many students obtain more information that helps them finishing homework, and literature books now can be easily downloaded in the form of e-books.

In political realm, digital communication creates a new sense of political engagement. It profoundly introduces the concept of e-citizenship where people can show their support by signing online petitions. Ordinary people can also create and join hashtags that generate political buzz. To point out some milestones in today’s digital society, it is suggested that Barack Obama’s first electoral triumph as the President of The United States of America was greatly supported by campaign strategies that heavily rely on Internet, and Blackberry was at that time the most popular secular device. On the other hand, the Arab Springs—which first took place in Tunisia and overthrown a country’s leader—were also all about digital connectivity. The wave can be unstoppable and the limit of its impact can sometimes unimaginable.

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