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APRIL 22-23, 2016



A new wave of information technology has been the key for numerous success stories in the world today. The evolutions of digital interaction through Internet and multiple platforms of social media have witnessed the foremost rapid achievement in terms of connectivity. Events that occur in far distance can be wired to people living in elsewhere in the world within minutes or seconds away. We are more connected then we were 20 or 30 years ago. Thanks to digital communication, we can also buy books or other goods as desired and get them delivered to our house in two days or even less. It supports many students obtain more information that helps them finishing homework, and literature books now can be easily downloaded in the form of e-books.

In political realm, digital communication creates a new sense of political engagement. It profoundly introduces the concept of e-citizenship where people can show their support by signing online petitions. Ordinary people can also create and join hashtags that generate political buzz. To point out some milestones in today’s digital society, it is suggested that Barack Obama’s first electoral triumph as the President of The United States of America was greatly supported by campaign strategies that heavily rely on Internet, and Blackberry was at that time the most popular secular device. On the other hand, the Arab Springs—which first took place in Tunisia and overthrown a country’s leader—were also all about digital connectivity. The wave can be unstoppable and the limit of its impact can sometimes unimaginable.

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Call for Applications: Summer Volunteer Programme in Lisbon, Portugal

Exchange Programs

Deadline: July 15, 2016

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Are you an enthusiastic person? Do you like to make a difference in what you do? Do you like meeting people from all over the world and sharing cultures? If you can relate to these points, then Live it Lisbon! is the program for you!











1 Syarif Hidayatullah L1A014043 Ketua Umum
2 Iqbal Maulana L1A014023 Sekretaris
3 Afini Nurdina Utami L1A014002 Bendahara
4 Eko Sulistyo Nurwibowo L1A014018 Ketua Divisi Pers dan IT
5 Taufiqurrahman L1A014044  


Anggota Divsi Pers dan IT



6 Arida Meilani L1A015002
7 Bq. Fuji Diana Sari L1A015005
8 Melisa Ayu Hasari L1A015019
9 Dione Darmansyah Putra Alief L1A014017 Ketua Divisi Pengembangan Kreativitas
10 Bq. Gita Insani Wulandari L1A014010  


Anggota Divisi Pengembangan Kreativitas



11 Ilmul Alif Muhammad Galang Samudra L1A015014
12 Nadya Septira L1A015026
13 Purnama Putri Fadili L1A015030
14 Choirul Fahmi Akbar L1A014013 Ketua Divisi Humas
15 Fitrah Nurul Qomariah L1A014021  


Anggota Divisi Humas



16 Pathul Azim L1A014036
17 Lalu Azhar Rafsanjani L1A015016
18 Samina L1A015037
19 Suspiati L1A015040
20 Rudi Sumantri L1A014039 Ketua Divisi Strategis dan Pengembangan Wacana
21 Kinanti Rizsa Sabilla L1A014024  


Anggota Divisi Strategis dan Pengembangan Wacana



22 Farida Rahmany L1A015010
23 Mutmainnah L1A015025
24 Rivandita Rully K L1A015034
25 Ermera Hilda Hidayana L1A014020 Ketua Tim khusus Kewirausahaan
26 Anugrah Pras Ikhtiar Jati L1A014006  


Anggota Tim khusus Kewirausahaan



27 Kurnia Zulhandayani Rizki L1A014025
28 Surmayani L1A014041
29 Bagus Rifky Maulana Putra L1A015004

Call for Applications: One Asian Youth Forum 2016 in Cambodia


Deadline: February 6, 2016

Location: Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Date: February 25 – 28, 2016.

AYC and UYFC is organizing the Asian Youth Forum, on the sidelines of the Asian Youth Council Annual General Assembly (AYC-AGS). The aim of the Asian Youth Forum is to foster the relationship of the youth participants that comes from different backgrounds and also to get inputs and ideas from the youths through discussions.

Call for Applications: Global Youth Leaders Program 2016 in Canada

Exchange Programs

Deadline: March 18, 2016

Location: Coady Institute, Canada.

Applications are invited for the Global Youth Leaders Certificate programme which is a three-week education programme offered at Coady Institute. Applicants from developing countries are eligible to apply for this programme. This programme enables young development practitioners from developing countries to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to contribute to innovation and change in their organizations and communities.






Beasiswa Fulbright merupakan beasiswa penuh yang didanai Pemerintah AS melalui lembaga AMINEF (American Indonesian Exchange Foundation). Fulbright Master’s Degree Program dibuka umum. Siapa saja boleh mendaftar. Begitu pun dengan beasiswa Fulbright PhD. Namun, akan diutamakan bagi mereka yang telah bekerja sebagai dosen atau staf di perguruan tinggi negeri atau swasta.

Pelamar bisa mendaftar untuk semua bidang studi/keahlian yang ditawarkan di universitas-universitas AS. Pengecualian pada bidang yang menyangkut perawatan pasien, pelatihan medis, atau sekolah kedokteran.

Sangat terbuka untuk proposal yang terkait dengan bidang humaniora, seni, ilmu sosial, sains, teknologi, teknik, matematika (STEM), dan kesehatan. Aplikasi yang berkaitan dengan bidang STEM dianjurkan fokus pada pelestarian lingkungan, eksplorasi energi alternatif, atau mitigasi perubahan iklim.


Call for Applications: SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum 2016 in Thailand



SEAMEO is looking for participants who are eager to develop their leadership knowledge and skills. Young people with strong potential to lead the future generations of ASEAN citizens are invited to apply. After reviewing all qualified applications, three (3) participant from each SEAMEO member country will be selected to join the Forum.

Nominations Open Now for World of Children Award 2016



World of Children Award is currently inviting applications for its 2016 Grants Program. They provide funding and recognition to support life-changing work for children by discovering and elevating only the most effective change makers for children worldwide.

The Award mission is to support life-changing work for children; they seek out only the most effective change makers for children worldwide.

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